Mobifone khuyến mãi 50% giá trị thẻ nạp duy nhất ngày 3/3/2017

Khuyến mãi Vinaphone 24/2/2017 ngày vàng tặng 50% giá trị thẻ nạp

Why with us?

Our strong industry experience has allowed us to develop a broad range of products that satisfy leading payment methodologies. We differ ourselves from competitors through our consistent use of Capacity - Reliability - Simplicity that offer you Competitive prices, Quick payments, Efficient systems. Furthermore, we have the highest credit points that valued from our communities which you may need from a local partner, as strategic reasons or cultural communication as a key factor of success for a long last relationship.


Blazing fast app lets you speed through As a partner of PayExpress, you can profit from every transaction, your customer base won’t be limited by the boundaries of your neighborhood. Consumers no need to-go-to place to transfer money, top up mobile airtime, pay bills and microloan domestically and overseas. PayExpress is building the smart digital wallet, serving businesses and individuals globally

One simple app with major solutions

With PayExpress, your money go with you wherever you are and your personal information never leaves your hands. Physical wallets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With a digital wallet like PayExpress, you can store all of your payment information in one, easily accessible application.

All your money in one place, anywhere you need it

The Power of PayExpress, when you have all your money, all in one place, and all accessible with a single click from any mobile phone anywhere in the world, you have power. You have the power to send money to relatives overseas or to friends down the block. And you give them the power to send money to you, instantly, wherever you may be.

The future of money, in the palm of your hand

Don’t just join the digital wallet revolution. Lead it! Consumers in the know are quickly replacing their traditional wallets with digital wallets. At PayExpress, our team of technology superstars and payments professionals is actively engaged in leading the way with features and enhancements that make our wallet more practical, more robust and more powerful. Soon, users will receive digital gift cards, personalized offers and discounts from merchants across the globe.

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