1.      I was prepaid, I can pay the charges for post-paid subscribers other?

Answer: You can fully charge payment for other postpaid subscribers.

2.      If at the time the payment is due, the balance in the bank account of me not enough, I can stop paying a portion of fees not?

Answer: None.

3.      Rebates are made how the transaction fail?

Please email providing transaction information form failed (see more in to email: or contact center customers to 028 3937 5678 Pay Way a claim for refund, center staff our clients receive the information and guidance you how refund.

4.      Online payment service offers 24/7 Pay Way not?

All online payment service Pay Way are serving customers 24/7. Private service electricity bills payment please please do NOT perform transactions during the period 17h - 18h30 daily.

5.      How to use online payment services Pay Way?

You just need a computer or smartphone with internet connection is able to use the online payment services of Pay Way.

6.      Use online payment services Pay Way secure?

Online payment services Pay Way absolutely safe. Confidential customer information is always a top priority of Pay Way. Security equipment will help you avoid potential hazards from internet service using Pay Way.


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