AUST.DOLLAR (AUD) 16,789.64 17,075.56

CANADIAN DOLLAR (CAD) 17,152.92 17,497.83

SWISS FRANCE (CHF) 22,765.03 23,222.42

DANISH KRONE (DKK) - 3,659.02

EURO (EUR) 26,644.87 26,963.10

BRITISH POUND (GBP) 29,648.43 30,123.38

HONGKONG DOLLAR (HKD) 2,894.85 2,958.93


JAPANESE YEN (JPY) 200.83 207.14

SOUTH KOREAN WON (KRW) 18.73 20.96

KUWAITI DINAR (KWD) - 78,891.95




SAUDI RIAL (SAR) - 6,371.86

SWEDISH KRONA (SEK) - 2,621.01

SINGAPORE DOLLAR (SGD) 16,653.18 16,953.83

THAI BAHT (THB) 675.89 704.09

US DOLLAR (USD) 23,015.00 23,085.00

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Advance your career at one of the fastest-growing companies in the payments domain "" is a payment hub processing, offering business value in the areas of utility payment, financial services. It has earned the status of being a payment systems leader by providing a well-established portfolio of payment hub, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Pay Express is a brand of diverse, talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in the payments domain. We have professional teams who are creating the future of payments that are trusted by partners across the globe. Led by a team of ex-bankers and technocrats from the banking and financial services industry, Pay Express has combined the experience of its management team and the dexterity of its employees into a success formula to forge ahead in the sphere of e-payments.

Why is it easy to pay from the US to India, Philippines but very slow and expensive to Vietnam? Why do so many Vietnameses have smartphones to access the internet, but no way to make a payment transaction?

The market is huge. International trade flows are growing at twice the rate of global GDP, so it’s no surprise that cross-border payments revenues are following suit – being expected to grow 7% annually over the next decade. Although this provides important growth opportunities, cross-border payments are also increasingly viewed as a necessary part of a fintech’s services.

Solving this challenge isn't easy after all, if it were, everyone would be doing it. But if we succeed, it will be transformative. See our About Us page for more background. Our small team size means you'll be able to make a big impact, while our funding will give you the runway to do just that. Will we change the traditional ways? With your help, we just might and helping you reach your fullest potential. We know there’s more to life than work and that there’s a whole world outside our door. But we do want to make the time we all spend at both productive and enjoyable.

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Biz Development Mgr Laos/td> Project Management 10/20/2016

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