AUST.DOLLAR (AUD) 16,789.64 17,075.56

CANADIAN DOLLAR (CAD) 17,152.92 17,497.83

SWISS FRANCE (CHF) 22,765.03 23,222.42

DANISH KRONE (DKK) - 3,659.02

EURO (EUR) 26,644.87 26,963.10

BRITISH POUND (GBP) 29,648.43 30,123.38

HONGKONG DOLLAR (HKD) 2,894.85 2,958.93


JAPANESE YEN (JPY) 200.83 207.14

SOUTH KOREAN WON (KRW) 18.73 20.96

KUWAITI DINAR (KWD) - 78,891.95




SAUDI RIAL (SAR) - 6,371.86

SWEDISH KRONA (SEK) - 2,621.01

SINGAPORE DOLLAR (SGD) 16,653.18 16,953.83

THAI BAHT (THB) 675.89 704.09

US DOLLAR (USD) 23,015.00 23,085.00


Pay Express was set up to address a gap we saw in international remittances. We were already developing innovative solutions to initiate and fulfil remittances over web and on mobile devices as a best remittance hub in country. While these initiatives reduced the cost of transfers, there was little focus on how the received funds were used. We developed a platform that would help the global diaspora not just send money home but pay for basic services, like utility bills, insurance, loan repay or school fees.

We are welcomed to partners with…

Biller and Service providers: to providing a comprehensive international bill payments service to key diaspora Vietnamese groups

Financial institutions and Telcos: to improve financial access for diaspora, provide new marketing opportunities and reduce the cost of servicing customers

Remittance companies and cryptocurrency traders: to offer their customers bill payment as a value-added differentiator to drive loyalty and retention

Pay Express’s platform is a robust and highly scalable bill processing, cross-border payment collection, and money transfer system. The system is built entirely on the Microsoft.NET technology stack, with the architecture based on industry best practices. The system is a robust and dynamic platform, delivering real-time validation. Using the API framework, third party service providers and retail partners can easily integrate into the platform. Pay Express have designed the API to enable rapid integration and industry-standard REST styled HTTP web services.

Banking level security features have been implemented to protect our customers’ data and ensure adherence to cross-border compliance policies. This includes 256 bit SSL encryption of all data traffic, hardware level encryption of data, a robust password policy, data audits and change approval management.

Success for foreign partners depending on knowledge of the local environment, understanding the rules, procedures and policies of the government, political trends, business, consumer behavior and high levels of scrutiny for Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. Knowledge - oriented success, we always update the latest information about the market, allowing the company to exploit the best opportunities and efficiency. Our managers have over 10 years of seniority in each specialized field. We are always service innovation to improve the quality of life of users in a simple way and make more sense.

We have been developing continuously to service and diverse products to meet the increasing demand for business and consumers in the modern life. Not only designing from the ground up to be cloud-ready and run natively on Windows, but also the new platform is on processing to aply blockchain technology scale million users.

Contact Info:

Best Way Corporation (eWAY)

Pay Express Department

ADD: 401 Huynh Van Banh st, ward 11, Phu Nhuan dist, HCMC

Tel: (84-8)-66865378

Hotline: (84-8)-39 37 5678



No remittance costs

Simple, low fee and competitive exchange rate (FX)

Time savings for both bill payer and recipient


Paying bills directly to the service provider gives peace-of-mind

Bills can be paid when they fall due

Knowing that relatives get the services they need without money going astray

With Pay Express you can now pay over 100 service providers in Vietnam. More countries will be added shortly.

International collections

Pay Express lets institutions collect payments from customers overseas, such as mortgages and insurance premiums. This opens new distribution channels and reduces administration costs for institutions abroad, while dramatically improving access and convenience for customers.

Now financial institutions have a fully automated and comprehensive solution for international collections. The service includes automatic reminders and re-collection of failed payments with fully reconciled bulk delivery of funds at an agreed frequency.

For customers, it is a single step and in many cases free. For financial institutions, it dramatically reduces the administrative burden and creates a new digital channel to market their products and services


Pay bills in just three taps using the Pay Express app

Pay multiple bills in one session using the shopping cart

No travelling for the recipient to pick-up cash or waiting-in - line to pay bills

End-to-end process with instant confirmation of paid bills

Benefits for financial institutions

Management of FX exposure

Elimination of reconciliation requirement of payments received via different payment methods and with wrong or mismatched references

Management of late or missed payments as well as legacy arrears

Ensuring customer communication via agents reflects corporate brand values

Full transparency and timely receipt of funds

Benefits for end-customers

The typical method via remittance is expensive and inconvenient in some countries or time zones, making small payments - like insurance premiums - unaffordable and a multi-stepped process. With Pay Express there is no fee to the customer

Pay Express's customers can set-up direct debits or standing orders

Reminders that payments are due, reduces late or missed payments

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