AUST.DOLLAR (AUD) 16,789.64 17,075.56

CANADIAN DOLLAR (CAD) 17,152.92 17,497.83

SWISS FRANCE (CHF) 22,765.03 23,222.42

DANISH KRONE (DKK) - 3,659.02

EURO (EUR) 26,644.87 26,963.10

BRITISH POUND (GBP) 29,648.43 30,123.38

HONGKONG DOLLAR (HKD) 2,894.85 2,958.93


JAPANESE YEN (JPY) 200.83 207.14

SOUTH KOREAN WON (KRW) 18.73 20.96

KUWAITI DINAR (KWD) - 78,891.95




SAUDI RIAL (SAR) - 6,371.86

SWEDISH KRONA (SEK) - 2,621.01

SINGAPORE DOLLAR (SGD) 16,653.18 16,953.83

THAI BAHT (THB) 675.89 704.09

US DOLLAR (USD) 23,015.00 23,085.00

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Discover Our Bill Payment Hub at

Make taking payments online Simple, Fast & Reliable. Pay page is a safe and secure API integration  which links to your site, allowing your customers to pay home or their relatives in Vietnam. It takes users to a secure section of payment gateway that authorised by 3D secure, meaning you can be confident that their details are safe and secure. Compatible with many of the leading billers, integration couldn’t be easier. No high level technical knowledge is required.

Get paid - wherever your work takes you - with our billers list. Value added services and loyalty reward points at many online shops, tours, schools, etc.

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International bill payments

Pay Express enables customers to directly pay service providers abroad for recharge, topup, utilities, games, healthcare, loan repayments, school fees and much more without transferring money. Customers pay in their adopted country, using a payment card - or online banking - in local currency. For example, with Pay Express a Vietnamese living in the USA can pay a relative’s insurance bill in Vietnam, directly and without transferring money to do so.

Pay Express’s reasonable fees and competitive exchange rates, means it is often cheaper to pay a bill in this way than making a money transfer, with added single-step convenience and instant confirmation that a bill has been paid.

For the unbanked receiving family, it means that their bills get paid on time and removes the need for travelling or waiting-in-line. This saves them having to take time off work and the costs of travel too.