Mobifone khuyến mãi 50% giá trị thẻ nạp duy nhất ngày 3/3/2017

Khuyến mãi Vinaphone 24/2/2017 ngày vàng tặng 50% giá trị thẻ nạp

VD: 0936123456
0.000.000 VND
VD: 0936123456
0.000.000 VND
0.000.000 VND
0.000.000 VND
VD: huytruong733
0.000.000 VND

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Make taking payments online Simple, Fast & Reliable. Pay page is a safe and secure API integration  which links to your site, allowing your customers to pay home or their relatives in Vietnam. It takes users to a secure section of payment gateway that authorised by 3D secure, meaning you can be confident that their details are safe and secure. Compatible with many of the leading billers, integration couldn’t be easier. No high level technical knowledge is required.

Get paid - wherever your work takes you - with our billers list. Value added services and loyalty reward points at many online shops, tours, schools, etc.

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Remittance card Solution

Receive and post funds securely, in real-time

Multiple channels for sending and receiving funds (online, mobile, ATM, cash agent)

Flexible payment options (cash, bank account, card, mobile wallet)

Get faster access to funds and improve cash flow

Enjoy better than 99 percent payment processing accuracy

Reduce the risk of employee theft and payments fraud

Obtain access to multiple players in the remittance ecosystem

Achieve greater interoperability, improve cost efficiencies and can access multi-channel services